New Month

Hola, marhabaan, Nǐ hǎo,
Hello June!

How are you feeling today?
Good, I hope!


It’s a new month! JUNE

Which means… new OPPORTUNITIES, new GOALS, more HAPPINESS, blooming FRIENDSHIPS, another day with your loved ones, another PRAYER for the ones not with us on this earth, another day, another day to make a difference.


you are blessed (1)

Wake up today and lets’s get it!

Do something random, do something that usually in your day- to-day routine. wake up and realise how blessed you are to see another month, another day a brand new morning. Hello to you too!

Didn’t have a good MAY? Brush it off we are in a new month, clear your mind, have a clear focus, smile and inhale deeply…. exhale.

Sometimes we forget how important it is that we are here, alive and breathing. Progress is happiness. So often we forget about the little things in life, like waking up

being able to see, read, appreciate

being able to hear, listen, engage

Let’s do something great in our lives today, smile at stranger, grumpy! It might turn their day into a good day

Anything you want to achieve, anything you believe in, what you’re passionate about, express it in anyway you feel is right.

Take full responsibility of your life and take responsibility to change if you want to, whether that is bettering your self, internally, physically, mentally and emotionally. Through practice you’ll get better, you’ll get where you want to be, believe in yourself.

You’ll get knocked down sometimes, so what? Get back up and try again.

Give support! You never know the littlest things would do to someone. I’ve experienced this many times, this year, honestly,
 its the most heart-warming feeling in the world.

Be there for your people.

I hope everyone has a blessed month full of positiveness and happiness!

Remember your vision is your reality,

 if you want it to be.



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