In another country

boatAt some point in your life you will leave the mother’s nest and go out to explore. Like myself, I ventured to go live in a new country that I’ve never been to.

I have my wonderful apartment, with two polite people who are from Spain. I’ve only been here a week and I can sense the homesick feeling is near. Creeping up and ready to rage. It hit.


Settling takes time. It is a process your mind, body and inner-self is adjusting to the new environment. Where your mind sends messages knowingly knowing that you are going to be away from home for a while. It’s scary, yet, exciting

For me, settling in a new space was difficult. I was finally comfortable in the existing space I was living in. I disturbed that and uprooted myself to a new location. 

In a new space you must acknowledge your surroundings and grasp your new aura. Take in the sweet new air and take. a. deep. breath.

You open your eyes to many things, to the designs of buildings to finding out more about yourself. What you like, what you don’t like and much more.

Settling in may be easy for some but for those who have had a hard time or going through a hard time, breathe

Clear your mind, close your eyes and tell yourself “you are going to be okay.” You ARE going to be okay. The weight on your shoulders will suddenly lift and you feel a sense of optimism that it WILL be okay. 

It became a lot easier day by day, knowing the roads, the stores, the people and most importantly the culture. It’s an amazing experience you will endure. 

Your home; bring things that remind you of home, create things that make you happy, purchase items that make your place homey, comfortable to you. Make it you. 

You will settle in before you know it and by then you know you are okay. 

It may feel overwhelming at first but it does get easier..


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